Toonian Smooth Collies

Who are we?

Toonian (FCI 30/2010) is the first and, so far, the only Smooth Collie kennel in Croatia.

My name is Nina Žubrinić, I live in Zagreb - the capital of Croatia - with my smooth collies Tani, and her son Tintin. My aim is to breed smooth collies according to the standard, from carefully planned mating combinations. With co-ownership agreements in mind, I'm planning to keep low the number of dogs at home, thus providing the best care for them.

  • following Collie breeding, showing and related literature since 1992
  • a member of Croatian British Sheepdog Society since 1999
  • the owner of collies since 2000  ›››
  • photographing dogs since 2002
  • organizing British Sheepdog Specialty Shows since 2003
  • created the first Croatian Online Pedigree Database (2003 - 2004)
  • created software for the first and, so far, the only Croatian, fully computerized dog show (2006)
  • imported the first Smooth Collie to Croatia in 2007 ›››
  • bred the first Croatian smooth collie litter in 2010