Toonian Smooth Collies

Toonian Train Of Thought

Born: 10.10.2019
Breeder & owner: Nina Žubrinić

ED: 0/0
CEA: non carrier
DM: non carrier
MDR1: -/-

available for stud

Profile in the Smooth Collie Pedigree Database


Juniperwood Kinda Smart Alopex Matt Finnish Moon Walker From Misstoff
Alopex Confetti Blue
Lilymead Alisia Fido Fax to Foxearth
Foxearth Fire of Love at Lilymead
Toonian Summer Song Bandar-Šah Bila Kaifa Rowvale River Raider
Sandcastle's Swing N' Smile
Sandacstle's My Cup Of Tea Sandcastle's Oliwer Hardy
Sandcastle's Snap Crackle Pop